I Am Used to Deep Massage- How Can Such A Light and Gentle Touch Do Anything?

A little goes a long way. If you think of a boat on water, it is clear that it does not take a lot of force to move a big structure. The body is mostly fluid, and we are working with the laws of fluid dynamics. A basic principle in physics (Pascal’s )states that any pressure on a confined liquid is transmitted to every point in the liquid. An example of this is if you sit on a waterbed, and see how the entire bed shifts. Gentle placement of appropriate forces affects the entire system. Additionally, we are working to facilitate change in your body’s innate self-regulating mechanisms. To do this requires trust and safety. Using harsh or painful tactics to break through areas of tension may be appropriate at times, however it often evokes the body’s defensive response  to protect itself. We do not wish to engage another defense mechanism- rather, we are seeking to allow your body to resume a state of relaxed balance.