How Does This Assist Newborns and Infants?

Birth is an intense transition, whether through natural delivery or cesarean section. Forces of over 50 to 60 lbs may be placed upon the baby as they are delivered from the birth canal. Sudden changes in pressure can occur during a c-section similar to a scuba diver rising to the surface too quickly may occur. Gestational factors, emergency situations or the use of interventions such as forceps , vacuum or medications can cause further stressors.

CranioSacral Therapy is beneficial in helping the child adapt and potentially overcome these challenges, including:

Feeding Challenges

Sucking Issues

Failure to Thrive


Periods of Inconsolability

Digestive Challenges

– Reflux

– Vomiting

– Excessive Gas

– Constipation




Sinus Infections

Breathing Difficulties

– Shallow Breathing

– Congestion

– Asthma

Chronic Ear Infections

Speech Delays


Auditory Processing Problems

Equilibrium / Balance Issues

Tongue Control

Crossed / Wandering Eye

Diminished Immunity

Poor Self Awareness

Cardiovascular Concerns

Dental Occlusion

Facial Asymmetry

Sensory Integration Dysfunction

Developmental Delays

Learning Disabilities