Is it Distracting if I Talk To You or Touch My Child?

In some sessions you can carry on conversations with the parents during the session without losing any quality of the work, while other sessions demand the full attention of the therapist and any discussion outside of the work is a distraction. We encourage parents to remain connected with their child, and want you to feel included in the process. We may ask you to place your hands in specific areas at times for therapeutic reasons, but usually any loving touch is ok. Occasionally we may ask you to refrain for a moment or to until your child completes a specific release.

Why do I find it hard to be present in the sessions when the baby is upset? Parents are “hard wired” to be reactive to what their children are feeling. This helps us to comfort and nurture them. As our children are experiencing changes, the family unit will be also, and you may be acutely aware of what they are feeling physically and emotionally. Therefore, it is also recommended that parents receive CST to support themselves and the child.

As therapists must remain ‘neutral “ , rather than sympathetic in order to effectively maintain a therapeutic relationship with your child. Even advanced trained therapists seek outside assistance for their own child’s needs because it is so difficult to maintain clear and therapeutically effective boundaries with you own family.