Must My Child Lay on A Table or Remain Still During Treatment?

NO! Working with moving targets is a different experience than working with adults. Again, your therapist should be experienced in working with children, and should be able to ‘ meet them where they are at’. Play is a natural and important part of development, and often therapeutic. We do not expect the child to lay still , We respect and honor each child as the individual that they are. Encouraging development of the child’s capabilities, nurturing creative and therapeutic play, and ensuring your child’s comfort during treatment is important. Most of the time , a skilled therapist is able to work in whatever position is most appropriate for the child, often utilizing toys , books, and parent interaction to help keep the child regulated. Parents are certainly welcome to bring comforting items for the child into the session , and we also have toys and materials to utilize.At times, it may be necessary to eliminate distractions or maintain a position for a period of time in order to accomplish certain components of treatment. Your therapist may request your assistance at these times.