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Following that Last Session, it Was Completely Gone

Six months ago, my 8 year old son had developed an unusual movement involving his nose. When this movement progressed to involve his eyes , my husband and I became increasingly concerned. Our pediatrician referred us for CranioSacral Therapy. Our first visit involved a thorough assessment in which Robyn was able to establish areas that she could work on. The treatment was interesting, and my son was comfortable and relaxed. Robyn was able to explain to me what she was doing.

After 3 weekly sessions, the “tic” was substantially less, and a couple of weeks following that last session, it was completely gone. Now, 6 months later, it has not returned

J.M . , mom

She Now Does Not Need the Glasses

After my 5 year old daughter started complaining that everything was “blurry” we had her eyes checked.  She was diagnosed with 20/50 vision in her left eye and a tendency for her left eye to become “lazy” and roll away when doing close-up work...  We started CranioSacral treatments for Mallory immediately.  She had 5 treatments during the next month.  The following week we went back to the eye doctor for a recheck and to see how the glasses were working.  When they tested Mallory’s eyes without the glasses, her vision was 20/20.  And her left eye was no longer rolling outward.  The eye doctor was clearly stunned.  Then I told her about the CranioSacral and she agreed that it had helped Mallory’s vision to the point that she now does not need the glasses.


Almost Total Elimination of My Migraines

I just had to thank both of you again for all you have done for me.  In addition to the almost total elimination of my migraines and smelling and tasting more than I have in years, I realized this morning that my hair isn't falling out nearly as much as it was.  It used to come out by the hands full every time I washed it.  This morning there were just a few strands!  I have to give you guys the credit.  I'm still doing well.  We took the jeep yesterday morning and rode for hours.  That normally would trigger a migraine.  I had a slight headache when we got back.  A couple of Excedrin, and I was fine!  I woke up this morning with no headache and have been fine all day.  Not even a twinge.  Thanks.


Found it Fascinating How She Seemed to Respond to the Therapy

I really enjoyed the session with Hannah and found it fascinating how she seemed to respond to the therapy. You definitely got things moving with her spitting up and then she had a big poopie as soon as we got in the car!

My Time With You Was Amazing On So Many Levels

I have told every ear that would listen how amazing my time with you was on so many levels ....physically , emotionally and spiritually . You opened up some dark closets and let the light shine in . I shall be eternally grateful . Head so much better . I plan on coming again and want to recommend to someone  I know that had a double mastectomy and strong radiation that burned her so .

You have a gift , dear girl and are someone it is an honor to know

Kitte Craft

I Really Can't Thank You Enough For The Work You Did With Our Son

He was so constipated for so long and after just one session he started to have relief. Then after the two follow up sessions he has been totally regular. I am amazed and grateful to be able to have such an helpful modality and incredibly talented therapist as part of my sons health care team. Thank you again and I will tell all of my friends:)


My Work Said That I Was Showing Improved Performance

I have to say, a week after our session I was told by my work that I was showing improved performance which warranted a well above (for them) average raise. then yesterday, a broker called that i thought i would never call again who offers bulk deals to me to offer to my network of buyers. his past list of possible properties to bundle totalled a cash value of over 16 million dollars. AND i am CALMER and more confident in speaking with everyone connected with business whether it be the members of our insured group at work or people like this broker. it feels really really good.thanks so very much. i will tell you if i close any 5 or 6 figure deals with my broker. it would be my first one!

I.S. Florida

This work helps me stay sane!

This work helps me stay sane! It helps me quiet the negative self –talk and release the clutter, so I can connect with the ‘good thoughts’ I knew were in there. I find clarity, peace, and feel healthy and whole. I can be myself again !

C.A. - Florida

The therapy with Robyn has been invaluable

I was suffering from pain on my left side under my rib cage. The pain was severe enough that I was out of the gym for over a year. It was painful to play golf, run, or do any other physical activities. I went through extensive medical testing with my primary care physi-cian prior to getting referred to Robyn. I had tried everything; including an EKG, MRI, and CT scans. All the results were negative, but the pain would not go away. Nothing was helping my pain go away. The therapy with Robyn has been invaluable. My continued participation has allowed me to avoid surgery, and taught me the value of therapy, not only as restorative, but also as a preventative course of action.” – Thank you

R.G Orlando, Fl

Best CranioSacral Therapist in Orlando

"Robyn's reputation as the best CranioSacral therapist in Orlando is well deserved!  Her ability to zero in on what the body needs and gently provide release and healing is extraordinary.  Her knowledge and expertise are immediately apparent.  I feel nurtured, loved and completely healed after a session with Robyn.  Honor yourself by allowing this gifted healer to help you!"