Is This You?

Do Any of These Sound Familiar ?

  • You feel areas of tension in your body. You have learned to live with them, but  would love to be able to release them.
  • You are tense, tired, anxious, or stressed more than you would like to be.
  • You yearn for more balance and ease in your body and your life.
  • You  want to feel restored, renewed and replenished.
  • You feel as if something  is affecting your physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual alignment. You may even have a sense of what it is, but can’t seem to get to the bottom of it.
  • You have pain. Traditional medicine has not been able to find its cause, nor provide much relief.

You Have a Child Who:

  • Keeps having ear infections, respiratory congestion, or other challenges … despite repeated cycles of antibiotics or medications
  • Seems to be uncomfortable in their body
  • Is struggling with colic, reflux, or excessive fussiness
  • You truly believe can be helped, but haven’t yet found the right solution.

You want more than symptom relief.  You want :

  A solution that safely gets to the causes of the problems and gently releases them.

   An experienced therapist who treats the whole person

   Therapies that engage your body’s natural healing abilities

How much would it mean to you if you could:

  • Be Free From Pain
  • Release Stress and Tension
  • Sleep Better and Feel More Rested
  • Clear your Mind, Improve Your Energy, and Be More Present
  • Start Living the Life You Yearn to Live
  • Experience Greater Ease, Joy, Peace, and Balance in Your Life, Even Amidst Life’s Challenges                   

Imagine how wonderful it will feel as a parent when you can help your child:

  • Move through common childhood illnesses (colic, colds, congestion, ear infections, reflux, etc) more quickly and easily
  • Diminish the need for medication
  • Clear any stress or trauma which may have occurred during pregnancy or labor
  • Learn at an early age how to handle stress and release tension
  • Feel more balanced , confident, and at ease   

Our techniques help to nourish your body, mind, and spirit.

Your tensions will ease, worries become less bothersome, and your heart more hopeful.You have come to the right place. The services and solutions I offer are very successful at achieving these goals. They are safe, gentle, thorough. They get to the source of the problem- whether it is brand new, or very old.

You are already on your way to feeling better. Click here to contact us!