Payment is Due at Time of Service

We accept, cash, check, and credit cards.

Cancellation Policy:

Please provide at least 24 hours notice if you should need to reschedule. We understand that emergencies arise, however if you cancel or miss an appointment, it prevents us from scheduling another patient desiring our services. If , for some reason you are unable to keep your appointment, and fail to notify us , you will be charged the full price of the scheduled service.

Insurance Reimbursement:

We do not currently accept insurance directly. However, You may be eligible for significant reimbursement through your  insurance company. We recommend that you call your heath insurance company prior to scheduling a session with us to see whether they offer reimbursement for physical therapy services, and what type of documentation they require.  At your request, we can provide you with a receipt reflecting the information typically requested by most providers.

If you have coverage which allows for ‘out- of network’ benefits for Physical or Massage therapy, you may qualify. It is important that you ask specifically about Physical and/ or Massage therapy- NOT CranioSacral , as this is not a separately recognized entity.

You should check with your insurance carrier to determine what these Physical and Massage therapy benefits are. If you are seeking treatment for a specific diagnosis, it is likely that you may be eligible . Your healthcare insurance provider will make the final determination on your eligibility for reimbursement.We will be happy to assist you in this matter if you have any questions.

Our approach to treatment is often more cost-effective than standard therapies . If you consider the amount spent in paying co-payments and wasted time and resources receiving treatments which focus only on symptom management, you will realize that the quality of care you are receiving is well worth it. Many people find that our expertise , and integrative and individualized techniques meet your needs more efficiently. We also strive to diminish your reliance on us, and empower you in your own care.

For Intensive Programs:

A 50% deposit is required to reserve a spot in either of these programs . This deposit is fully refundable or transferable to another available date if we are notified of a change in your plans at least 14 business days prior to your scheduled program start date. If you must cancel your reservation less than 14 business days prior to your scheduled program start date, we will retain 50% of your deposit for administrative fees.

Medical Policies:

  • If at any time during your course of treatment you have a change in medical status or symptoms, it is vital that you notify us prior to receiving treatment.
  •  If you are seeking treatment for a condition that has not previously been evaluated by a physician, you will be required to do so within 21 days of initiating treatment.
    • You may be required to obtain a prescription for treatment. If you have not previously been evaluated by a physician for the condition you are seeking treatment for, I  am legally required to have you do so within 21 days, and procure a prescription.
    • We will be happy to provide a prescription request and form to you , or fax one to your physician if you provide us with their information.However, it is your responsibility to follow up and make sure that it is done.  Failure to do so will postpone your treatment.
  •  If you have a known or suspected concern regarding changes in your intra-cranial pressure (such as recent or acute stroke, cerebral hemorrhage, aneurysm, skull fracture, epidural leaks, Arnold Chiari Malformation etc.) please contact us to discuss your condition before scheduling any CST sessions or intensive program. We may need to contact your physician to obtain medical clearance prior to treatment.