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Intentional Wellness currently offers three training programs for CranioSacral practitioners. All courses offer continuing education (CE) credits for licensed massage therapists in Florida

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CranioSacral 1 Foundations

One-day CST1 Review Program for those interested in deepening their understanding of core CST principles.



CranioSacral 2 Refinement

One-day CST2 review program for licensed massage therapists interested in refining their CST2 skills and knowledge.


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CranioSacral Integrations Hands-On Practicum

Three-day mentorship program for those CST practitioners wanting to take their clinical practice to the next level.

We also have additional mentorship opportunities for licensed bodyworkers interested in deepening their practical knowledge and skills.

Private consultations/sessions via phone or ‘Skype’

  • Discuss general areas of interest relevant to your practice
  • Receive guidance regarding specific questions or challenges
  • Get feedback regarding certain patients
  • Break through areas where you may feel stuck.

In addition to discussion, you will have the benefit of laser coaching from someone trained to listen on an energetic level to “tune in” to help you align and fine tune areas presenting themselves for you, your practice, or your patients. We can help you identify areas of restriction within them and yourself that may be impacting your results together.

“Multi-Hands” (a.k.a Multiple Therapist) Experiences

“Multi-Hands “sessions are truly vital to deepening your skills as a therapist. It is impossible to describe the profound impact multi-hands sessions with an experienced practitioner can have on the embodiment of your skills.

  • You can schedule blocks of time working with Robyn and her patients or work with on of your existing clients. You will gain valuable hands on experience, as well as have the opportunity to ask questions and get personalized feedback.
Why bring your clients?

Together we can help your clients to reach a deeper level of healing and release in a shorter period of time as two (or more) practitioners as there are more resources available for your body to utilize. This can be especially useful if you have been encountering an area of challenge in treatment or have reached a plateau. Plus, for therapists not yet skilled in dialoguing or SomatoEmotional Release (SER) work, we can help uncover and break through subconscious holding patterns or resistances you may be encountering that are keeping your patients from moving forward.

We respect the relationship between you and your clients, and always intend to honor that relationship. While some therapists may be hesitant to ‘share’ clients, or fear they will lose clients, we believe in strongly in supporting you and would never solicit your patients.

Therapist Renewal Intensives

“Reclaim Your Sanity “and take time to recharge yourself and your skills through multiple hours of bodywork. When we know that there is a small group of therapists that are interested in getting together to rejuvenate themselves and work together on each other in a supportive environment, we will arrange for group intensive settings.

Renewal days or retreats can also be arranged for individualized experiences, where lengths, times, and locations can be customized to meet your individual needs.

Transformational Coaching and/or Integrative Bodywork

In order to learn CST, it is vital that you experience receiving it. Break through areas of pain in your own life or your practice, and deepen your state of well-being through individual sessions, or one of our dynamic REAL Life Mastery Programs.

The most important person you can work on is you! Call us today to learn more about our bonus savings programs to support your commitment to receiving bodywork as part of your life and your learning:


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