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CranioSacral Thearpy on Abdomen

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Initial Evaluation & CranioSacral Therapy Treatment

We schedule all new clients with an Initial Evaluation & CranioSacral Therapy treatment. Adult new evaluations are scheduled for 75 minutes and new evaluations for infants/children are scheduled for 60 minutes. (Note: these sessions may be extended if the wellness issue is particularly complex or severe).

The first part of the session will be dedicated to reviewing your wellness goals, medical history, and answer any of your questions before beginning treatment. Your practitioner will review any continuing treatment recommendations with you at the end of your session.


Cost of Service


  • Adult and pediatric Initial Evaluations with Robyn (which includes a full CranioSacral treatment) are $225.
  • Adult 60-minute CranioSacral follow-up treatments with Robyn are $165.
  • Pediatric 30-minute CranioSacral follow-up treatments with Robyn are $95

Robyn also offers 45-minute or 90-minute treatments in special circumstances or by request. 


  • Adult or pediatric Initial Evaluations with Amelia (which includes full CranioSacral treatment) are $175.
  • Adult 60-minute CranioSacral follow-up treatments with Amelia are $135. **Amelia does offer a three (3) one-hour session prepaid package for $360. This is a $45 savings for three adult follow-up treatments which will expire one year after purchase. A prepaid package cannot be counted toward an Initial Evaluation. 
  • Pediatric 30-minute CranioSacral follow-up treatments with Amelia are $95

Both Robyn and Amelia offer intensive opportunities and multi-hands sessions. Please contact us for more information and pricing.


Health Insurance and Payment

We are a cash-based practice and payment is due at the time of any appointment. We are not an approved Medicaid or Medicare provider. However, in some cases, health insurance providers offer partial to full reimbursement for some of our services. If you would like us to see if you are eligible for reimbursement, we can send you an insurance verification form. Once completed, the form will be sent to a third-party firm who will provide an answer as to your potential coverage in 5-10 business days.

 The most likely scenario for clients to receive coverage is when they have:

  • A referral (with diagnosis codes) from a physician
  • Have already met their out-of-network deductible
  • Are not already claiming coverage for other physical or massage therapy treatments.

Please understand that wellness/prevention care, health maintenance and/or massage therapy are not services covered by most insurance companies. You will be responsible for all services provided at the time of treatment and take full responsibility for all the bills incurred for treatment.

Some clients do use their HSA cards to pay for treatments. We encourage clients to verify that their HSA policies cover our services prior to making use of their card.


Cancellation/No Show Policy

Your appointment time is reserved just for you. A late cancellation or missed visit leaves a hole in a practitioner’s day that could have been filled by another patient. You will be charged in full for the appointment if we are not given notice ONE BUSINESS DAY prior to your appointment.  You may cancel the appointment by calling 407-774-7744. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Please be on time. If you are late, your session will be shorter in order for us to honor our other clients. You will still be responsible for the full time you have scheduled. If we are late, you will receive your full-length session, unless you have a time conflict, in which case the time missed will be scheduled into a future session.


Patient Responsibility

You are an active participant in determining the course of your treatment. Clients have the right to refuse any procedure and will notify their practitioner IMMEDIATELY if they have any concerns during a treatment session.

Clients agree to be aware that any verbal discussions are meant only to suggest options and that SomatoEmotional Release and Sensorimotor Psychotherapy techniques are aimed at improving their physical well-being. If at any time a client is concerned regarding their mental well-being, it is their responsibility to seek appropriate treatment from a qualified mental health care provider.

Clients will notify their practitioner of any changes regarding their health status that may impact their plan of care. In some cases, if a client is not being seen by a physician regarding the condition they are seeking treatment for, client agrees to do so within 21 days of initiating treatment. If unable to do so, client understands that treatment may be delayed until they receive clearance from a physician.


Patient Forms

You will receive a separate email with a link to our secure online intake form. Please complete the form prior to your first appointment so that your practitioner can have a chance to review your information before your treatment. If you prefer to complete the intake forms here at our office, we recommend that you arrive a minimum of 15 minutes early to your appointment to give you time to complete them.


Health Safety Protocols

We always make your health, well-being, and safety as a priority. To review our health safety practices and protocols, please CLICK HERE.

What Will I Experience During A Treatment?

You will be made comfortable and remain fully clothed while your therapist gently places their hands on or under different points of your body. At times, you may be very quiet to the point you fall into a deep, relaxed state… even sleep. Other times, you may dialogue with your therapist about emotions, memories or sensations that are pertinent to your healing. Following treatment, changes continue to integrate for several days/weeks as your various systems settle into a more natural balance and alignment.

Are There Any Contraindications or Precautions for Treatment?

Generally, the gentle techniques we utilize are safe for mostly everyone. It is important that you are specific in completing the medical history forms that will be provided to you so that we may be aware of any precautions or contraindications for your treatment.


Don’t forget to text “Ready for my appointment” to 407-774-7744!

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